The Wedding of Michele and Martin

June 27th 1997, Philadelphia
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Now with pictures

Martin and Michele aged about 3 (if they'd known each other then)

This site will hopefully document the wedding of Michele (AKA Batgirl) and Martin (AKA Veghead). We were hoping to have a live audio or video stream from the event but as of today (June 23rd) this looks unlikely. Instead we will be putting photos, sounds and videos up as they become available.

The ceremony is available here.

The most recent photos we have are of Michele in the Techs room of Goldsmiths College (taken with an Apple Digital camera), and Martin with lots of weight in Michele's Basement (quickcam).There's also another chance to see the green suit when Michele and I were guests at Ben and Theresa's wedding last year.

June 25th
Last night Alex Manda flew in from London. As the only other English person in the whole shabang, we're going to get him Tuxed up so he can be in the wedding party. Its all getting very exciting. It's hot today - 96 degrees. Luckily the forecast if for it to be cooler on Friday. If it isnt then the entire wedding party will be out cold by the exchange of the rings...

June 26th
The final night. It has started feeling very real now. Lots of people have decided to come after all, including lots of people from Michele's Fraternity. Chris has also joined us.I have still to write my vows - late I know but thats me. We have all tried out our Tuxedos...what bizarre costumes.

More pictures on their way...

This is Michele getting her hair ready for the wedding.

Well, we are now married. It all seems like a dream and the whole day went unrealistically smoothly. The quickcams we took in church didnt work so we've taken some from the TV screen of the video - yes the quality is very ropey but they could also look like it was deliberate - what with Michele and I meeting in Goldsmiths art college.. We'll be scanning some nice colour pics in asap.

Keep an eye on the Gallery for new pictures.
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